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A sound installation created for the experience exhibition Face The Future.

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Christmas is around the corner!

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New Album!

This winter, we will finally enter the studio and record our next album!!

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1. Click the picture above to enter our crowdfunding page

2. Once you have entered our crowdfunding page you will find a list of rewards (called ”Perks”) to the right of the screen. The cost for these rewards ranges from 10 dollars to 670 dollars and depending on how much you wish to donate you can choose different rewards.
If you want to donate without ordering any of our rewards, click CONTRIBUTE NOW at the top of the screen to choose exactly the amount of money you wish to donate.

3. Once you have clicked on a reward (”Perk”) or clicked on CONTRIBUTE NOW you will use your credit card (MasterCard, VISA etc.) to make the payment. 

THANK YOU for donating and for making the recording of our new album possible!